Guest Preachers

August 20: Elizabeth  Hagan -  This Sunday's Sermon “How Can We Talk About That Here? from Psalm 26 On Sunday, we’ll name ways that speaking up on issues of justice brings conflict. And ask ourselves, what it is does God require of us even with the difficulty? 

August 27: Lori Nicholson (St. Matthew member)

Sanctuary Facade Repair

Plans are underway to refurbish the façade of the sanctuary. The work will begin at the end of August and is scheduled for completion in early fall of this year. Work will include wrapping all the exposed wood of the facade with vinyl-coated aluminum, which will minimize the need for future maintenance. It will also include replacement of a broken pain of glass and the doors leading from the sanctuary to the balcony. Scaffolding will be erected while the work is performed. This project is designed to retain the design and color of the existing façade. The congregation’s patience during the period of work is appreciated.

Annual School Supplies Drive

St Matthew members and friends are invited to contribute to the annual school supplies drive conducted trough Interfaith Works and it Interfaith Clothing Center. Donations left in the narthex will be delivered to the Center by Betsy Witte. Cash or checks are also welcome. (see Betsy)

The top 5 items needed are: Packages of lined filler paper, tab dividers, 2-pocket folders, pencil pouches, backpacks.  Other desired items include 1-subject notebooks, composition books, red and black pens, colored pencils, scissors, and rulers.  

Summer Lunch Program

June 26 through September 1

Once again this summer, St. Matthew will be running a lunch program. This exciting program works like this:  

First, a counselor at Bel Pre Elementary School will identify children (children, not families) whom she feels are in serious need of supplemental food; this year we have a group of 26 who have been identified. Then St. Matthew family and friends will pack and deliver lunches to these children twice each week for the summer.

Each lunch will have a minimum of: A sandwich; a bag of chips, pretzels, etc.; a piece of fruit or an individual serving of fruit or applesauce; a dessert; and a drink. The lunch program will run from the week of June 26 - September 1. Lunches will be delivered on Tuesday and Friday.

How can you help? You can pack lunches once (or better yet, twice) a week. And then deliver them to the families. You can donate money to help purchase supplies. Or you can bake some goodies. Donate some individual bags of chips, trail mix, juice boxes, Capri suns, etc.

The children will all be from our immediate neighborhood. If you're interested in helping, please let Konni know. A schedule will be coming out soon.

Guest Preacher Elizabeth  Hagan

Elizabeth is a pastor from the American Baptist tradition who currently serves churches through short-term interims. She is an advocate for children and founder of Our Courageous Kids, a foundation providing educational and enrichment opportunities for children growing up in international orphanages.  She is also an author of Birthed: Finding Grace Through Infertility and blogs regularly at She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, Kevin, and daughter, Amelia.  Click the links below for Elizabeth's latest sermon, read her blog and get her book.

"Parables in Pop Culture"

MaryAnn McKibben Dana


This July's sermon series “Parables in Pop Culture,” is an exploration of well-known books and movies, to see where we might experience the gospel message in unlikely places. Should you want to catch up on any of the sermons you may have missed click on the week below for the PDF of the sermon.

July 2:  Comic Book Superheroes - Superman

July 9:  Comic Book Superheroes - Wonder Woman

July 16The Gospel and The Hunger Game

July 23: Harry Potter

Background: Rev. MaryAnn McKibben Dana. MaryAnn  is a writer, pastor and speaker living in Virginia. She is author of Sabbath in the Suburbs and the forthcoming Improvising with God. Her writing has appeared in, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Religion Dispatches, Journal for Preachers, and the Christian Century, and in a monthly column for Presbyterians Today for three years. She was featured on PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly for her work on Sabbath and was recognized by the Presbyterian Writers Guild with the 2015-2016 David Steele Distinguished Writer Award. She is a mother of three, a haphazard knitter, and an occasional marathoner. Most importantly, she’s been a friend of Leslie’s for fourteen years! 

Benediction: Attributed to the Franciscans

Connect with MaryAnn at her website, The Blue Room