Message from our Pastor

Rev. Leslie A. Klingensmith D.Min.

It has been my privilege to serve as St. Matthew’s pastor since March 2002. I am grateful to serve as the Pastor of a dynamic, vibrant faith community.

I believe that it is my responsibility to encourage our worshippers to participate in the life of the congregation to the greatest extent possible. Being together in worship is wonderful and is our primary unifying act as a faith community, but outreach projects and social occasions allow us to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting and at a deeper level. 

At St. Matthew, we believe that followers of Jesus have a responsibility to do what we can to ease the suffering of our neighbors nearby and far away. We take an active part in Interfaith Works programs here in Montgomery County (as well as many other local missions) and support missions throughout the world. 

My husband, Ed Taylor, is also a pastor in Washington D.C. We have two sons, Samuel and Greer, who are also part of the St. Matthew congregation.  


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Recent Sermons

Turning Toward Something Different 2/19 We can turn away from our failures and toward something different – something so different it is the opposite of how we are living now.  We can return to that place of unconditional love, to that place of grace, to that place that sustains us through the inevitable losses and grief that life holds for us.”

Prophets of Truth 1/28 “We all have to pay attention to the world around us, as well as the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and then prayerfully consider when it is our turn to serve as prophets of truth.”

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A Sense of Urgency 1/14 I wonder if a deeper understanding of what it means to participate in the kingdom of God could rekindle our sense of urgency…”

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So Many Good Things 1/14  It was hard for Nathanael to grasp that the one for whom they had waited for so long, Jesus, could come from a backwater like Nazareth.  But places, and people, surprise us.  The person of Jesus emerged from Nazareth, but the face of Christ is everywhere.”

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