Pop Up Choir May 20th

POP-UP CHOIR: If you missed out on the fun of the last Pop-Up Choir, here’s your chance! To celebrate Pentecost (May 20), the day when the Holy Spirit descended and people spoke in tongues yet understood each other, we will host another Pop-Up Choir. We will sing Common Threads by Pat Humphreys. Everyone, young and old, is invited to join the choir which will practice after church for around 30 min. May 6 and May 13 (we promise to be done by noon so you can take Mom to lunch.) In keeping with the spirit of the day, we especially welcome singers who speak other languages. Come, join the fun!


It’s time! We will plant the summer 2018 garden Thursday, May 24 from 4:00-5:30 PM.  Everyone is invited to bring plants or seeds and come help that day. We know that we will be planting tomatoes, peppers and squash. If you would like to participate but cannot be with us on the 24th, you are welcome to bring plants or seeds to the church beforehand and we will see that they get planted.  We are especially looking for tomatoes (preferably full size - a few cherry tomato plants are fine to cook with but last year we had too many), beans, peppers (in a variety of colors and heat), and squash.

Question Call the Church Office 301 598 440

Property Improvement Projects Update

Work on our property improvement projects has begun.  The 3 initial high priority projects have begun.  The new railing is in progress and should be finished by May 25th. The contract for the new lavatories has been signed and work will begin shortly. Lavatory renovation  is scheduled to be completed before Vacation Bible School.  Prep for painting in the commons has begun and the project will be completed after Vacation Bible School. Total cost for the initial 3 projects $50,000 and is funded with funds on hand.  The Next two projects are new carpeting in the Sanctuary and Narthex and replacing the tile in the Commons. These two projects can't be completed until the lavatories and painting is complete and await further funding. Many members have expressed interest in contributing to this effort separate from your 2018 pledge, and we are encouraged by your willingness and enthusiasm.  Any contributions that we receive soon will be used to pay for the short list, high priority projects, reducing (or even eliminating) the need to use deferred maintenance funds. For additional information on how to support this effort see Phil Tarnoff or Rev. Leslie Klingensmith or click on link to Property Improvements letter below

Proper Improvements Congregational Letter

Congregational Meeting

June 3, 2018

Election of Elders

UPCOMING CONGREGATIONAL MEETING: On Sunday, June 3, there will be a brief congre-gational meeting following the morning worship service for the purpose of electing a new class of elders and some other members of various church boards. All voting members are encouraged to attend.


Sunday June 10th

ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC –  You are invited to join the congregation for our annual picnic at the Lessig's Farm, Sunday, June 10. Bring enough fried chicken for your family and a side salad, vegetable or dessert to share. Drinks will be provided. Don't forget to bring chairs and/or blankets for your personal comfort. There will be lots of fun exploring the farm and the creek along with games, water balloons and plenty of time to socialize and enjoy being outside. Carpools will be arranged from the church if you need transportation. The Lessig Farm is located at 21000 Georgia Avenue, Brookeville.

Vacation Bible School

God's Puzzle

June 25 - 29th 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

St. John’s Lutheran Church and St. Matthew Presbyterian Church

present their


Vacation Bible School is for children **4 years old through those who have completed 5th grade.

** Children need to be 4 by September 1, 2018 and be potty trained.



St. Matthew Presbyterian Church

4001 Bel Pre Road   Silver Spring, MD 20906
(301) 598-4400

(back in the woods at the corner of Georgia Ave. and Bel Pre Road)


$30 per person (family maximum- $70.00)

Please make checks out to St. Matthew Presbyterian Church

Registrations are due by June 10th


Drop off or mail completed forms with checks to St. Matthew at the above address


St. John’s Preschool families may put their registration and check in the box outside the preschool office.

For more information contact:

Tom Hickman, at St. John’s: 301-929-9660 or ctmar28@yahoo.com

Chris Howard, at St. John’s: 301-570-1754 or garbarek@comcast.net


Book discussion will be held this Wednesday, May 23 at 7pm in the Agnes Wilson Room. We will discuss the first chapters  6 and afterword  of “Faith a Journey for All ” by Jimmy Carter.

Time and Talent

Volunteers Needed

GREETERS NEEDED - Please sign up to be a greeter at the front door. You need to come 15-20 minutes before church and welcome people as they enter.